15 Aug 2019

Hearty beef cobbler

Our Winter menu meal suggestion for today is some hearty beef cobbler, made with slow cooked chunky beef and vegetables and delicious cheesy baked bread dumplings on top.

Like any recipe, this can be adapted to be vegetarian by replacing the beef with some nutrient dense lentils, chickpeas or butter beans. For those time poor kitchens, replacing the slow cooked beef with some lean beef mince also works.

We have adapted our recipe to serve six.


  • 50g peeled brown onion

  • 35g celery

  • 10g minced garlic

  • 100g peeled carrot

  • 1tsp dried mixed herbs

  • 100g common mushroom

  • 200g unpeeled potato

  • 2tsp rosemary

  • 120g peeled sweet potato

  • 1tbs tomato paste (no added salt)

  • 80g canned, drained lentils

  • 25ml milk

  • 50g finely grated parmesan cheese

  • 100g natural yoghurt

  • 4tsp cornflour

  • 200g self raising flour

  • 400g beef, chuck steak, trimmed of fat

  • 60ml cream (35 per cent fat)

  • 1tbs worcestershire sauce

  • 100ml liquid beef stock


  1. Dumplings - Combine Self raising flour, yoghurt, milk, parmesan, rosemary and dried mixed herbs of your choice to form a dough to make dumplings. 

  2. Cobbler - Dice Beef and brown off with Onions. 

  3. Combine with diced vegetables, stock, worcestershire sauce and remaining ingredients and slow cook until meat is super tender and soft. (Sometimes best done day before for better results and time management)

  4. Evenly distribute meat mixture into a baking tray and make small flattened patties of dumpling mixture to top then bake together until dumplings have browned off and cooked through.

Nutritional facts: 

We love bringing our Healthy Food Program to life in the centres and sharing them with you at home. Thank you again, Daniel Try - Cook at Kids Academy Hornsby -  for the awesome recipe idea! 

To find out what’s cooking at your local centre call 1800 CHILDCARE!

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